My Confidence

In light of this past Thursday being Thanksgiving, I wanted to write about my Thanksgiving.

I am extremely thankful for everything I have in my life. I am extremely blessed and lucky to have the life I live today. I have the best parents, the best family, the best boyfriend, and the best friends. I am also lucky enough to be getting the education I am at Howard University and to be able to be graduating in December. I am loved and have never been so happy with my life than I am right now.

This Thanksgiving I made my moms famous baked mac n’ cheese. (Pictured below.) My mom cooked so many wonderful traditional Thanksgiving dishes and my aunt, uncle and cousins came over to celebrate. My favorite aunt is my Auntie Robin. She brought these amazing little cheesecake bites that had either blueberry or caramel on top. SO yummy. We all drank red wine and had so many laughs the whole day.

Overall I had a wonderful day with my family and we all really showed how thankful we all were for each other. I also added a picture of me and my boyfriend for y’all to see how cute we are together.