Unexpected Adventure

My Confidence

Don’t y’all love an unexpected great night? One night last week my best friend came over to hang out and drink wine and online shop like we usually do. Just a regular Thursday night. We got kinda hungry so we decided to take a walk around my neighborhood to see what we could find. We stopped at a cute pizza place that served hookah as well. I love hookah, my friends consider me a hookah queen. I was so excited about finding this place because I really love pizza too. We ordered a watermelon hookah and it was great quality with a smooth taste! We had a great night out and it was really only because we stumbled upon it. We even decided to sit outside because it was a really nice, cool night. I’ve added some pictures of us at the restaurant enjoying our night out, below.

IMG_8042 (1)IMG_8026

@ Cafe Romeo’s in Georgetown