5 Things on My (Current) Wishlist

My Confidence

I love shopping. I really always have. I remember being around 4 or 5 years old, going shopping with my mother and my grandmother, and I would always get so excited when it was time for me to get something new. Mostly shoes and clothes would get me the MOST excited. New clothes and shoes will still, to this day, just make me feel good inside. I’m not quite sure what really excites me more than new clothes and shoes. Go ahead, call me materialistic. I just consider it more of a hobby.

My current budget isn’t the most supportive of my hobby, unfortunately. I wanted to share with you all some things on my current wishlist that I’m trying my hardest not to put on my credit card.

  1. Image-1 (5) These pink vinyl pants are from http://www.theunicornuniverse.com and I’m obsessed. I’ve been a fan of vinyl pants for about a year now, but this color is just so rare. Wouldn’t you love to rock these with some bomb a$$ heels? Am I right?
  2. Image-1 (8) Nike Vapormax are by far my favorite Nike shoe (as of right now, of course). I have two pairs right now one is the multicolor slip on Vapormax and the other pair is the 97 Airmax Vapormax’s in gold. They’re such a comfortable sneaker and I love the way they look! I love this color and I don’t have any sneakers like these! They would be a perfect addition to my collection. (www.finishline.com)
  3. Image-1 (7) I know I already told y’all I have two pairs and just listed another pair above these. But I really, really, really want this black pair. I’m in need of a pair of black, fresh sneaks and I believe these are them. I am actually selling some stuff on Poshmark to put the money towards these! (www.finishline.com)
  4. Image-1 (9) If you knew me, you’d know I have a legit faux fur collection in my closet. I am soooo grateful the winter season is coming so I can bust out my furs! This red coat would truly be an asset added to my collection. I love the red for the holiday season and I’ve been seeing people with this jacket in different colors on Instagram, but this red is a NEED for me! A need may be a tad bit dramatic, but I really would love to add this coat to my collection. (www.houseofcb.com)
  5. Image-1 (10) Last but not least, this black blazer is everything. You can dress it up, you can dress it down…and it would go so well with so much in my closet. Blazers are in and this blazer is just perfection to me. (www.houseofcb.com)

Gimme My Money

My Complicated Life

I’ve been attending Howard University for four years now and I am currently in my fifth year. As most of America knows, Howard’s financial aid office is a mess. I’ve been extremely lucky the past four years I’ve attended and I have not had to deal with any financial aid mishaps. Of course, by the luck of Howard, they couldn’t let me out with out any financial aid troubles.

This semester financial aid threw me for a loop. I was calling and calling because my Parent Plus Loan still had said offered, when it should have said accepted. One day I got fed up waiting and was scared all my classes would get dropped, and I decided to go in to the actual Financial Aid office. I guess, as of last year the Financial Aid Office number actually connects you to a call center instead of the actual Financial Aid Office that actually have power over your loans. The call center is a complete waste of your time and I learnt that just in time to graduate. Long story short I had to go into the Financial Aid Office to tell them to do their job about 3 times total before my issues were actually finished. Not only did I have to physically go in the office 3 times, but let me also remind you that each time I went there was a 2+ hours wait. I really don’t think I would even have gotten my loans this semester if I didn’t go in, which is so crazy to me. I really needed my refund check before October 1st because ya girls’ funds are running low and rent is about to be due.

I’m not sure if any of you know, but Howard had a huge financial aid scandal where employees were stealing money from students through the financial aid process. This was a huge upset for Howard University and it’s students didn’t take it lightly. There was a student protest for days in which students were demanding certain things from the University and actually took over the whole Administration building. People were even sleeping in there. I personally didn’t get involved because at that time I never had any serious financial issues and something like that isn’t really my scene. But power to the people, for sure.

Anyways, I got my refund check this weekend, so now ya girl is stress free…for now.