Cold Weather & Cold Symptoms

My Complicated Life

With the change in seasons, DC has been getting colder and colder by the day. Before I went to Howard, I swear the cold weather didn’t affect me as much as it does now. Rhode Island is usually about 10 degrees colder than DC’s temperature. When I started living in DC, needless to say I’ve been spoiled.

Well, with these new cold temperatures, I’ve also developed a cold. I woke up yesterday with a stuffy nose and sore throat. OF COURSE I have to get sick the one weekend I actually have plans. This Friday is my best friend’s 23rd birthday and it is Howard’s Homecoming weekend. I’ve been stocking up on all cold remedies and they have actually been working! I wanted to share with you all 5 of my top common cold remedies, since a lot of people I know are getting colds during the change of seasons! (I’m nothing close to a doctor, these remedies just work for me and could work for you too!)

  1. Raspberry Emergen-C (1000mg Vitamin C)
  2. Stash Tea Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea (P.S. I put extra lemon slices and honey with the tea bag in my mug before pouring the boiling water in!) -The ginger in the tea helps sooth a sore throat as well.
  3. Ricola Natural Herb Cough Drops Original Flavor (These are really helpful if you have a sore throat and I just like the way they taste.)
  4. Vicks Dayquil & Nightquil – Whenever I have a cold this is my go to medicine. Always helps with my cold symptoms and gets me through the day and gets me through a good night sleep.
  5. Zicam Cold Ultra RapidMelts – Helps shorten the duration of your cold! I hate being sick and this just help shorten the time! It also helps reduce my cold symptoms.

Gimme My Money

My Complicated Life

I’ve been attending Howard University for four years now and I am currently in my fifth year. As most of America knows, Howard’s financial aid office is a mess. I’ve been extremely lucky the past four years I’ve attended and I have not had to deal with any financial aid mishaps. Of course, by the luck of Howard, they couldn’t let me out with out any financial aid troubles.

This semester financial aid threw me for a loop. I was calling and calling because my Parent Plus Loan still had said offered, when it should have said accepted. One day I got fed up waiting and was scared all my classes would get dropped, and I decided to go in to the actual Financial Aid office. I guess, as of last year the Financial Aid Office number actually connects you to a call center instead of the actual Financial Aid Office that actually have power over your loans. The call center is a complete waste of your time and I learnt that just in time to graduate. Long story short I had to go into the Financial Aid Office to tell them to do their job about 3 times total before my issues were actually finished. Not only did I have to physically go in the office 3 times, but let me also remind you that each time I went there was a 2+ hours wait. I really don’t think I would even have gotten my loans this semester if I didn’t go in, which is so crazy to me. I really needed my refund check before October 1st because ya girls’ funds are running low and rent is about to be due.

I’m not sure if any of you know, but Howard had a huge financial aid scandal where employees were stealing money from students through the financial aid process. This was a huge upset for Howard University and it’s students didn’t take it lightly. There was a student protest for days in which students were demanding certain things from the University and actually took over the whole Administration building. People were even sleeping in there. I personally didn’t get involved because at that time I never had any serious financial issues and something like that isn’t really my scene. But power to the people, for sure.

Anyways, I got my refund check this weekend, so now ya girl is stress free…for now.