Hair Growth Journey

My Confidence

In 2015, I decided to do the big chop. Many girls and women do a big chop to their hair at some point in their life. When I had my hair short, it looked great to me. I really did love having short hair. Now, that my hair is more than half way down my back, I think otherwise. My hair journey was definitely a long one. I never plan on cutting my hair ever again other than a trim, but hey trends come and go. I might be bald in a year or two, who knows? What helped me the most with my hair journey was Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I swear by this oil. It completely made my curls the healthiest they have ever been and it definitely made my hair grow a lot and pretty fast!

As a kid, growing up biracial was a challenge for me. I went to predominantly white schools all throughout my childhood. I saw girls with long, straight, blonde hair and I always wanted hair just like them. Thank god for Howard University. Yes this college might make you temporarily suicidal at times, but I really believe everyone finds their confidence here. It doesn’t really matter what you look like, you will find your niche at Howard. In 2015, I was a sophomore at Howard University. I had gone through my whole freshmen year with a culture shock, but played it off cool. My freshmen year I met my best friend and she really was my professor in “How to be a Black Girl 101”. Whether it was skin care, hair care, my confidence, I can thank her for that. My hair was extremely damaged from straightening and not conditioning the right way. Before I came to Howard I would wash my hair everyday. I was a competitive swimmer all my life so I really thought I needed to shampoo the chlorine out of my hair everyday. Once I joined Howards swim team, my ladies taught me the beauty of co-washing. Now I only wash my hair with shampoo once every two weeks. My hair was so damaged so that’s why I decided to chop it all off and start fresh. This was the best hair decision for me and my hair has been the healthiest it’s ever been since I did the chop!






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