Uber Prayers

My Complicated Life

I have not always been a religious person. I grew up in a Episcopalian church in my hometown. My parents always instilled the belief of God and going to heaven one day. I wouldn’t say I had a strict religious upbringing. I have been baptized and received my confirmation in the same church I grew up in. I was actually baptized with my father, which will always be special for the two of us.

When I was swimming really competitively in high school, swimming for my club team and my high school team, it kind of took over my life in more ways than one. I was swimming 7 days a week with two practices during the week, while still in high school. When my competitive swimming got more and more intense, the less and less I would attend church. We were always at swimming competitions over the weekend that would last Friday through Sunday. There was just no time and we just never took the time for it either.

I really haven’t been actively involved with God and my faith since I went to that church as a child. There was times during high school and the beginning of my college years that I also questioned my faith. I wasn’t sure where my faith was and I was not focused on the true meaning of actually having faith.

In my opinion, you don’t necessarily have to go to church every Sunday to have faith and believe in God. This past year has been such a turning point for me and I do thank God for it. I’ve grown up and realized so many things that I had been doing that wasn’t really me and the person I had become wasn’t the person God had put me on this Earth to be. I am so thankful I got my faith back. I feel more alive than ever. I am living my best life because I have faith and know that God will not throw anything my way I can’t handle.

On another note, I take a lot of Ubers. Uber is definitely the way I survive in DC. I have my own car at home, but during my time in DC I strictly rely on Uber. I’ve never really been a public transportation type of gal. Since I spend so much time in Ubers, I’ve realized I’ve been doing a lot of praying in them. They are the best, most quiet atmosphere that I’m able to strictly think only about God and pray for myself and the people I love. The point of this post I am sharing with you, is that if you have faith, it doesn’t matter where you do your worship. But take time to thank God for what you have and who you have in your life. Even during your Uber rides.