First day back!

My Confidence

I had fallen in love with kickboxing this past summer at a small gym in my hometown. They had the best instructors (we still follow each other on instagram) and just the best workout environment. I would have never guessed I would actually like kickboxing considering I consider myself a lover not a fighter, but when I hit that bag it gives me the adrenaline I need to to push through the workout and get the results I’m looking for. Kickboxing brings so many health benefits, not only for the body but for the mind as well! And the workout literally kicks my ass. Personally, I’ve toned my muscles, lost fat, and been able to deal with stress much easier since starting. Today, I had the pleasure of joining a kickboxing gym near my apartment here in DC. Today’s workout consisted of 15 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and 45 minutes of bag work. It honestly made me miss home a little bit, but this gym was really nice as well. I truly felt how out of shape I have gotten from my little break of working out since I moved back to DC. Our instructor was intense and really gave us a good work out. Let me tell you, those 15 minutes of HIIT felt like it lasted at least more than half the class. That part is always the toughest part of the workout for me. I always tell myself the hardest part of the workout is getting there and the best feeling is when you’re done.

my new boxing gloves

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